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Welcome To The Professional Resource Center (PRC)! 

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Last Day to Order:     Monday, May 9th (Except for tests & dire needs!)

Resource Returns:    The weeks of May 23rd - June 3rd  

Last Van Pick-Up:  May 31st – June 3rd  

Dawn’s E-mail address:

We look forward to serving you during the 2015-2016 school year.  Below are directions for the online catalog featuring our resources.  Just a reminder that no password is needed to access our catalog.  All requests can be emailed to Dawn Shelbourn using the following address:

Please use our online catalog to view items available through the Professional Resource Center. 

Items from the CESA 2 Library can be viewed by following one of the following three steps:

1.  Library Catalog (Click on this link to view items in our Library. Library name is CESA 2 Library.  No password is needed.)

2.   Type into the Toolbar area of a Web browser. This will bring up the OPAC login page. (Enter the Library name which is CESA 2 Library.  No password is needed.)

3.   Use a smart phone to search the CESA 2 Library. A special web application has been designed with smart phones and tablets in mind. You can access the site at:  (Enter the Library name which is CESA 2 Library.  No password is needed.)

To Place Your Order:

Highlight the items placed on the "Clipboard", copy, and paste the listing into an e-mail to Dawn Shelbourn at   

Please note: First time users of the Lending Library must complete and submit the AT Lending Library Form.          


Dawn Shelbourn ( is the PRC (Professional Resource Center) Consultant and ATLC Director (Assistive Technology Lending Center).  Rob Starks ( is the PRC, ATLC Support Assistant and Van Delivery Driver.  

The ATLC is a statewide lending library ( of high-end (costing $4000 or more) augmentative and alternative communication devices. These devices are available for loan purposes only to Wisconsin LEA public school licensed professional educators for trial with children ages 3 to 18 who have IEPs and are enrolled in public schools, or with students age 19-21 who are enrolled in a Wisconsin LEA school program and have an IEP.
We look forward to working with you during the 2015-2016 school year!
Dawn Shelbourn
Rob Starks


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